Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Real Immersed Reality Starts Here

To the few readers I currently have, and the many more I hope to gain in the future: after a two-year break from the blogosphere (is that still a word in 2017?), Immersed Reality will be making its triumphant return in the coming weeks and months and years to follow.

In many ways Immersed Reality was never here to begin with as I never gave this blog much energy; I was too busy playing games, watching movies, and generally living my life (you know, that thing you do when you're not playing games or watching movies).  It was sometime toward the end of 2014 that I grew weary of updating this dump with yet more of my half-articulated opinions, so I just kinda let it sit for awhile.  In the mean time I wrote a novel, went back to school for iOS programming, and transitioned my gaming obsession from being primarily of the electronic kind to primarily of the table top kind.  I also launched a YouTube channel.

Despite all that living life and whatnot, my mind never drifted too far from Immersed Reality.  It is the home page of my browser after all!  I frequently thought about ideas for posts, or funny insults to hurl at my least favorite filmmakers, but I never really felt like putting them out there for anyone to see.  Recently however, a lot of the disparate aspects of my perspective on games and film and art as a whole have come together in a really meaningful way, and I finally think I'm ready to start organizing them into essays and submitting them to the public eye.  So without further ado, let's go over the three areas of discussion that will form the pillars of what Immersed Reality will be.

1. Film Theory

Film Theory posts will be in-depth sample texts from my four volume Immersed Reality series that I've been working on for the last six years or so.  These posts will cover genre, aesthetics, narrative, grammar, you name it.  They will glorify cinematic excellence and condemn the deceptive and tasteless works that seek to the debase the form.  The four volume series is titled as follows:

Volume I: A Journey Through Captured Realities
Volume II: The Deception Of The Elements
Volume III: Microscopic Organisms Of Light
Volume IV: A Universe Of Design

Volume I is structured as a top 100 films of all-time list.
Volume II is a surgical debunking of the ostensible merits in the oeuvres of many overpraised -- and overpaid -- filmmakers.
Volume III details how to fix the problems infecting modern cinema by providing a back-to-basics set of guides and principles.
Volume IV showcases the future of cinema, and its place in the future of visual art.

Eventually I will seek publication for these works, but in the meantime I will provide as much of this content for free on this site as I am able.  

2. Board Game Design

Another constituent of this blog's identity will be posts centered around board game design.  I host a YouTube channel about board games called Board Bozos (link above), which frequently features me and my friends trying to play games after having way too much to drink.  I have also taken about half a dozen design concepts up to the prototype stage, but have yet to publish any of them.

As we are living in the golden age of tabletop gaming, I think there is a strong need for detailed discussion regarding design trends, industry practices, and board gaming culture in general.  I don't see much worthwhile content with regards to the board game space on the web (my own YouTube channel included lol), so I want to help continually push the form in a positive direction by providing well-written and insightful articles that help people look at common concepts in a new light.

3. Swift Programming

I am a long-time professional in the Apple technology ecosystem (sales, operations, training, management, repair, software, hardware, you name it), and recently I made the career switch to development -- focusing almost entirely on the Swift Programming Language.  I strongly think the impact Swift is going to have in the programming world will be unbelievably huge, and I see the relaunch of this blog as an opportunity to provide some of my perspective as I go along for that ride.

These Swift posts will include things like small tutorials on goofy or easily misunderstood aspects of the language, my musings on the goings-on of the Swift development community in New York City, and thought pieces on the advantages that come with applying programmatic thought  to various topics.

So there you have it.  Three topics that each in their own way are experiencing a huge upswing in popularity and importance.  Swift because it is the coding language of the future (insofar as Apple wants it to be).  Board Games because they are one of the fastest growing entertainment industries in the world.  And Film because of the limitless untapped potential its hiding that I hope to help bring forth.  That being said, I will no longer be writing scored review blurbs for movies as I see them and have removed all of my former posts that feature such content.  Bits and pieces of that material will resurface in the coming Film Theory posts, but otherwise the time for such triviality is over.

Prepare yourself.

The real Immersed Reality starts here.

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